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Major Sponsors

Leverage the capabilities and know-how in the areas of “nursing care and medical service,”
“fund management,” and “finance”

The investment corporation aims to stably manage assets and grow asset under management over the medium to long term by proactively leveraging the strengths of the major sponsors which possess expert know-how in the fields of nursing care and medical service, fund management, and finance.

One of Japan’s megabanks, SMBC possesses a wide customer base and has a top-class track record in the field of real estate finance in Japan.
Nursing Care &
Medical Service
A company specializing in the four fields of “medical service” “health” “welfare” and “nursing care” Centered on partnerships with medical institutions SHIP HEALTHCARE possesses an extensive track record in managing paid senior citizens’ homes and consulting related to such projects as the rebuilding and upgrading of hospitals and other facilities.
Fund ManagementNEC Capital Solutions Limited
NEC Group’s comprehensive financial services company In the business domains of “companies,” “credits,” and “assets,” NEC Capital Solutions Limited carries out investments loans and advisory services primarily through subsidiary RISA Partners Inc. through funds and other mechanisms.

Support details
Finance-related advice
Introduction of customers with healthcare facility liquidation needs, etc.
Provision of personnel
Support details
Analysis of healthcare facilities’ competitiveness and business stability/viability, etc.
Expertise and network in the nursing care and medical service industries
Provision of personnel
Support details
Know-how related to fund business management
Warehousing function
Provision of personnel

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation is the core company of the Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group. It possesses one of the strongest sales foundations in Japan, has an ability to execute strategies quickly, and is capable of providing financial services through its influential group companies.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation has a top-class track record in Japan in the real estate finance field, and has a J-REIT loan portfolio of approximately 933.4 billion yen as of Sep. 30, 2015.

Nursing Care & Medical Service

SHIP HEALTHCARE HOLDINGS, INC.With a stated mission to “create an environment of people protecting life,” SHIP HEALTHCARE HOLDINGS, INC. carries out a wide-range of nursing care and medical service-related businesses in four domains on a group basis: the Lifecare Business, in which it operates paid senior citizens’ homes; the Total Pack Produce Business, in which it offers comprehensive, optimal solution services to meet the needs for hospital launch/relocation and building extension/renovation; the Medical Supplies Business, in which it sells medical supplies and other products; as well as the Dispensing Pharmacy Business.
In the Lifecare Business, the company has expanded its business by partnering with medical corporations to develop large facilities in-house, as well as through M&A. As of Sep. 30, 2015, the company was operating a total of 66 facilities nationwide (capacity for 4,254 people), and otherwise leveraging its expertise in developing hospitals to provide high-quality and high value-added nursing care services.

Fund Management
NEC Capital Solutions Limited

NEC Capital Solutions LimitedAs NEC Group’s comprehensive financial services company, in addition to its mainstay leasing business and ICT-related service business, NEC Capital Solutions Limited is engaged in investments, loans, and advisory services in the business domains of “companies,” “credits,” and “assets,” through RISA Partners, Inc., its subsidiary which has a track record in the fund business, etc. In the asset business domain, the company utilizes RISA Partners, Inc.’s expert know-how and network to offer a wide range of services, including real estate appraisals and valuation, along with advisory services and arrangements for the liquidation of real estate and support for the planning and execution of companies’ CRE strategies.

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