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Paid senior
citizens' home
Medical Rihabilitation Home Bonsejour Komaki

(Residence indication)
3-1, Shiroyama, Komaki-shi, Aichi, Japan
Acquisition price 1,270million yen
Total leased area 8,858.49㎡
Structure / Size S/RC, RC, S, copper shingle roof, flat-roofed, 10F
Number of rooms 124rooms
Resident capacity 165people
Room area range
Opened April 1, 2012

Regional features

The Property is located in an area of multi-unit apartments along the Chuo Expressway near the Komaki JCT. By public transport, the Property is accessible via a bus that takes about 26 minutes from the north exit of Kasugai Station on the JR Chuo Line.
In the vicinity of the Property, there are scattered large multi-unit apartments and new residential areas,
but to the north there are farmland, mountains and forests.

Property features

As the Property is converted from an employee dormitory, most rooms are 26.6m2 in size, relatively large compared with other facilities. The Property also stands out for its large common spaces.
The seventh to tenth floors are for independent residents, and rooms are equipped with a bathroom, mini-kitchen, and other facilities. As a result, there are no nursing stations.


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