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Paid senior
citizens' home
SOMPO CARE La vie Re Azamino

(Residence indication)
19-24, Ayumigaoka, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Acquisition price 3,050million yen
Total leased area 5,789.25㎡
Structure / Size RC, flat-roofed, 5F, B1F
Number of rooms 145rooms
Resident capacity 145people
Room area range
Opened June 1, 2007

Regional features

The Property is located 12 minutes’ walk from Nakagawa Station on the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line.
Furthermore, the Property is 19 minutes’ walk from the closest station (Azamino Station) on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line, the main line in the area.
In the vicinity there is a residential area, mainly comprising detached houses.

Property features

The Property is laid out so as to surround a central courtyard. On the first floor there are functional spaces such as an entrance hall, WATAMI Cafe, a multipurpose room, and residents’ rooms, in addition to an office, a reception room, a health care room, and a rest room. On the second to fourth floors there are rooms and dining rooms. On the fifth floor there are rooms and a dining room, in addition to bathing facilities. On the roof there are the outdoor units of air conditioners, etc., in addition to a rooftop garden and the WATAMI Farm. Underground, there are facilities such as a kitchen, bathing facilities (large bathing facilities and individual bathing rooms), and a functional training room.
Near the entrance on the first floor, the outer wall and the floor are both made out of granite, creating an elegant tone. There is also a central courtyard with a pond facing the entrance lobby that leads to the entrance, providing a relaxing space.
On floors with rooms on, rooms are about 19.5 m2 in size, and there are dining rooms and lounges on each floor. The Property is built around a central courtyard, and thought has been given to lighting and ventilation, creating a high-grade facility that takes into consideration a superior living environment.


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