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Paid senior
citizens' home
Bonsejour Yotsugi

(Residence indication)
3-1-11, Higashiyotsugi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Acquisition price 824million yen
Total leased area 1,962.89㎡
Structure / Size RC, flat-roofed, 5F
Number of rooms 61rooms
Resident capacity 65people
Room area range
Opened April 1, 2012

Regional features

The property is located about nine minutes’ walk from Yotsugi station on the Keisei Railway Oshiage Line. There is a friendly atmosphere of downtown and a quiet residential area.
Furthermore, the nursing occupants can feel close to Ayase River and Naka River , and together with large or small parks scattered nearby the facility, they will be able to expect rich lifestyle.

Property features

The standard single room size is about 12㎡, but each room is equipped with bathroom and washstand. So the property is designed a lounge space and family room in the common area, consideration is given to the comfortable living for occupants.


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