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Healthcare Facilities

Focused investment in healthcare facilities,
with a particular emphasis on the keywords
“nursing care,”
“medical service” and “health”

Healthcare facilities supporting the aging society

Healthcare facilities that are investment targets

Investment Target Type Characteristics/Overview
Facilities and housing
for the elderly
Paid nursing home Living facilities for elderly persons pursuant to the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly (excluding welfare facilities for the elderly, group homes, etc.). These facilities provide services such as meal services, nursing care services, living support services, and health management services.
Serviced housing for
the elderly
Rental housing, etc., in which the facilities and specifications are tailored towards the elderly and, at the bare minimum, safety confirmation and living consultation services are provided, in accordance with standards stipulated in the Act on Securement of Stable Supply of Elderly Persons’ Housing. In principal, residents use nursing care services, etc. provided by external home care service providers.
Group homes for the
elderly with dementia
Facilities that primarily provide Communal Daily Long-Term Care for a Dementia Patient as stipulated in the Long-Term Care Insurance Act. These facilities provide communal living in small groups in order to mitigate the progress of dementia, and also provide nursing care services and other help with daily living, as well as functional training (rehabilitation).
Other facilities and
housing for the elderly
Facilities Covered by Public Aid Providing Long-Term Care to the Elderly (intensive care homes for the elderly), Long-Term Care Health Facilities (nursing and health facilities for the elderly), Sanatorium Medical Facilities for the Elderly Requiring Long-Term Care (nursing care and recuperation sickbeds), etc.
Medical service-related facilities, etc. Medical malls, etc., in which hospital/clinics, medical clinics and pharmacies, etc., are clustered.
Includes PET centers, health checkup centers, and facilities that offer various advanced medical services.
Others Businesses that provide Outpatient Day Long-Term Care services (day services), etc., and health enhancement facilities, such as fitness clubs, etc.

Service details (Facilities and housing for the elderly)

Service details (Facilities and housing for the elderly)

(Note) The above illustration shows an overview of the services generally offered by paid nursing home and serviced housing for the elderly. It does not mean that all portfolio assets offer all of the above services, nor is it a guarantee that all portfolio assets will offer these services in the future.
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