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Portfolio Data

Portfolio Policy

Geograpical Allocation

Region Definition Share of portfolio
Three Major Metropolitan Areas Tokyo Metropolitan Area(Tokyo,Kanagawa,Saitama,Chiba) More than 80%
Kinki Area(Osaka,Kyoto,Hyogo)
Chubu Area(Aichi)
Core Cities Designated cities, prefectual capitals and regional core cities.
Other Area Excluding three major metropolitan areas and core cities Less than 20%

Asset Type Allocation

Asset Type Share of portfolio
Healthcare Facilities More than 80%
  Homes and Facilities
for the elderly
①Paid senior citizens' homes
②Service-outfitted housing for the elderly
③Group homes for the elderly with dementia
④Other facilities for the elderly
Medical service-related facilities,etc
Other Less than 20%

Portfolio Summary

As of March 30, 2022

Number of properties
Total acquisition price
78,499mil. yen
Total Appraisal Value
85,654mil. yen

Averaged NOI yield

Number oftotal rooms
Average remaining
lease term

Portfolio Distributive situation

As of March 30, 2022


■Number of rooms


■Area of three major cities

(Note 1) The figures in the graphs are calculated based on acquisition price, rounded to the first decimal place.
(Note 2) Well House Senri-Chuo (No. of rooms: 181) operated by GREEN LIFE Co., Ltd., a tenant at SHIP Senri Building (paid senior citizens home section), which is a complex of paid nursing home and medical service-related facilities, etc., is not included in the above table since it is difficult to calculate the acquisition prices and period-end appraisal values separately for the paid nursing home section and the medical service-related facilities, etc. section.
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