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Paid senior
citizens' home
Granda Tsuruma-Yamato

(Residence indication)
2-3-41,Shimotsuruma,Yamato City,Kanagawa,Japan
Acquisition price 1,000million yen
Total leased area 3,427.08㎡
Structure / Size S/RC,flat-roofed,5F
Number of rooms 73rooms
Resident capacity 90people
Room area range
Opened September,2002

Regional features

Property features

Granda Tsuruma-Yamato is a paid senior citizens' home with nursing care opened in September 2002. It is highly convenient as it is located a 12-minute walk from Tsuruma Station on the Odakyu Enoshima Line and a large-scale shopping mall stands across the street, allowing for easy shopping. All of the 73 rooms are single rooms facing south that allow for warm sunlight even in the winter. The facility is characterized by abundant activities and flowers and greenery that add color to everyday life as well as a nursing care service system that respects each resident’s wish. The Granny & Granda series was launched in 1986 and has the longest history among Benesse’s with the most number of homes.


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