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Kyowakai Medical Corporation

As of April 27, 2022

Kyowakai Medical CorporationA major medical corporation operating a wide range of businesses including 7 hospitals (2,276 beds), 4 long-term care health facilities (495 beds), and home care support. Provides safe and convenient medical/nursing care services ranging from acute-stage medical care to rehabilitation, home medical care, and nursing care.

Toru Kitagawa (Note1)
Headquarters 16-5, Chuocho, Kawanishi-shi, Hyougo, Japan (Note1)
Capital stock 4,760million yen (Note1)
Founded August 24, 1982 (Note1)
Facilities under
11facilities (Note2)
Capacity 2,771people (Note2)
(Note1)"Representative Director," "Headquarters," "Capital stock," and "Founded" are based on the information in the registry as of January 1, 2022.
Only one person is described in the "Representative Director."
"Capital stock" is the total assets rounded down to the nearest million yen.
(Note2) “Facilities under management” and “Capacity” indicate figures tallied by the Asset Management Company based on information obtained from each company (including announced materials) and information on its website (as of March 31, 2021).Only the number of long-term care health facilities is indicated.

Facilities Under Management
(In the Healthcare & Medical Investment Corporation portfolio)

Paid nursing home
・Medical service-related facilities, etc.
SHIP Senri Building

SHIP Senri Building

(Residence indication)
1-4-3, Shinsenri-higashimachi, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka
Acquisition price 12,920million yen
Total leased area 24,813.85㎡
Structure / Size RC, flat-roofed, 11F,B1F
Number of rooms 181rooms
Resident capacity 200people
Room area range 18.2~40.1㎡
Opened October 1, 2008


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